Toyota Camry 2020

In October of the year 2019, Toyota announced the release of the new 2020 Toyota Camry... and guess what... it is no slouch! With the release of an all-wheel drive version and a TRD package, Toyota is taking the game to the big boys

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Tesla Cybertruck

Some people like it and some do not... But everyone is talking about it: the new Tesla pickup truck that looks like a sci-fi movie prop. Here's everything you need to know and more about The Cybertruck!

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Lexus vehicles have that perfect blend of reliability, comfort and performance, and are quite affordable compared to the Benz, BMWs, Cadillacs, Porsches... They didn't however just rise to limelight. This is everything you need to know about the start and unexpected rise of Lexus.


Power Steering

The Power steering is a powered steering - okay that's  saying the same thing. It is the augmenting of the steering effort applied by the driver to make turning the wheels much easier.

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Overheating: What to do

If your car overheats, park and switch off the engine immediately. Have it towed to avoid further damage to the engine. However, if there is no experienced mechanic or tow truck nearby, follow these simple steps;

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The Xiaopeng G3 is a step forward in innovation and it also affirms that the future of automobiles is electric cars, with its auto-parking ability and its practicality in design. click in the link to learn more

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